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A Bit About Our Whiskey Based Products

* All of our products contain trace amounts of alcohol 

* Please avoid if you are pregnant

* Some of our products contain soy, sesame, and peanuts however they are all specifically labeled.  BBQ Sauces (and Snack Mix containing BBQ Sauce) containing beer are labeled as containing gluten

* Some products are vegan friendly 

  • Do you offer products without alcohol?
    We respect those who do not partake in the consumption of alcohol. At this time, there are no products that do not contain alcohol. All of our Bourbon balls contain either Rye or Rum but in our other products, the alcohol is cooked off, leaving them less than 0.5% of alcohol.
  • Will your products get me drunk?
    Due to the small amount of alcohol used in our products, it would take an extraordinary amount for you to feel any effects. To err on the side of caution, we do ask that if you are concerned about driving after eating our products, wait until you're safely at home.
  • How long does each product last once I purchase them?
    Great question! Our products contain different ranges for an optimal experience. The brittle lasts a few months if kept closed in it's purchased package. Our BBQ Sauces last a minimum of one year un-opened and once opened refrigeration will maintain them for additional months. Whiskey balls are best kept refrigerated and can also last for several months.
  • Is your commercial kitchen a nut-free facility?
    Our products are made in a commercial kitchen which is NOT nut-free. We use tree nuts in most of our recipes. We continue to brainstorm new ideas for recipes containing different forms of nuts. As we continue to expand and create more products, we will all more products not containing nuts. If you have any peanut or tree nut allergies, we recommend you do not consume our products.
  • What type of alcohol do you use?
    We are a Nashville local business committed to supporting our local businesses. We're have partnered with many different Tennessee Whiskey Companies, as they produce excellent tasting whiskey, bourbon, rye and rum.
  • Do you accommodate Events and Larger orders?
    We do! Please call us at 615-351-3169. We can help to customize your order. We would love to discuss accommodating your occasions such as weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, retirement parties, corporate parties/gifting, client appreciation, spirit tastings, pairings, and any other occasions or events. We ask that you notify us at least three weeks in advance of your scheduled event.

If you have any further questions, contact us by email or by calling 615-351-3169.

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