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The Drooling Hound Bourbon Beer Reaper BBQ Sauce

The Drooling Hound Bourbon Beer Reaper BBQ Sauce


This is a true Bourbon BBQ Sauce, made with locally sourced ingredients thanks to Nashville Barrel Company and Bearded Iris Brewery.  Only 6 ingredients, featuring Bourbon are second in proportion, compared to other sauces where Bourbon is at the end of a long list of ingredients.


The reaper pepper stings right away but allows the bourbon-forward flavor to remain prominent. This sauce has a smooth citrus balance between sweet and tang, perfect with Beef, Pork, or Chicken, and if you're adventurous use it as a pizza sauce for a BBQ pizza.


We at the Whikey Hound use this as our "house" BBQ Sauce.  It goes on our egg sandwiches, we pour it on brisket, dip our chiken fingers into it.  Spread it on a pizza crust with some cheese and shredded beef or pork for a BBQ pizza with a little bite.  Pour it on a burger for a spicy BBQ burger meal.

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