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3 Pack of BBQ Sauces

3 Pack of BBQ Sauces


Can't decide which BBQ Sauce to get? Why not try them all! Our 3-pack contains all our delicious sauces; Bourbon Beer Plain BBQ Sauce,  The Drooling Hound Bourbon Beer BBQ Sauce and a special edition based on seasonal availablity. 


These are true Bourbon BBQ Sauce, made with locally sourced ingredients.  Only 6 ingredients at most, featuring Bourbon are second in proportion, compared to other sauces where Bourbon is at the end of a long list of ingredients.


These sauces have a unique citrus zest from Bearded Iris's Homestyle IPA with a balanced bourbon flavor that goes perfect with Beef, Pork, or Chicken, and if you're adventurous use it as a pizza sauce for a BBQ pizza.

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