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The Sassy Chihuahua Chorizo Spice

The Sassy Chihuahua Chorizo Spice


This is a mild Chorizo Spice.  Chorizo is a rich/tart spice masterfully used in Spain, Portugal, and Mexico.  Europeans favor cured pork with a sweeter version while Mexicans apply it to beef, chicken, and pork.    There is no sweet element so it's all about the meat fat enhancing richness with vinegar tang. 


  • What to do with me

    We love this dry rub on roasted or smoked wings, crusted on a brisket, and taking ground pork and beef from (well-ground pork or beef,) to a chili/vinegar party on a taco or a bun.  Vegans are shaking this on their faux meat taco salads.  

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