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Spicy Bourbon Coffee Rub 5.5OZ

Spicy Bourbon Coffee Rub 5.5OZ


This spice smells like coffee roasting in the background of a hot and
spicy barbeque kitchen.  The heat is balanced with the sweet and
salty, enhanced by the rich java accent.  The Bourbon-soaked salt adds
the perfect complexity to the existing sweetness.


The ultimate use of this is sprinkled on a ribeye that goes on a hot cast iron grill for a carmelized crust; amazing.  It transforms a brisket and beef and pork ribs by shaking generously prior to roasting/smoking/grilling.  We add it to roasted potatoes  and baked potatoes to compliment their sweet creaminess.

Alexa Young, AR

"I'm a big lover of BBQ, and these sauces are truly something else. There's so much flavor with just a few drops! They've upped my grilling game!"